CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Flood waters are receding, but not fast enough.

Some homes in East Ridge are still standing in water.

In some places, roadways are impassable, prompting the local Red Cross to remain on standby.

The worst is over.

The creek crested early Thursday morning.

Since that time, levels have receded slightly. But there is still some flooding in low lying areas.

With this flood came plenty of water, but no mandatory evacuations, and that has some breathing a sigh of relief.

"It went up to your thighs," Victor Lopez says. "Towards the end it gets a lot worse."

When Spring Creek spills its banks, Victor Lopez's home floods.

"It didn't reach the garage this time," Lopez says. "Last year it did reach the garage. It was like knee deep, waist deep."

Victor was able to walk to the end of the street for a ride.

But his neighbors on Swope Drive will have to wait for another boat rescue.

"Whenever this happens a boat rescue comes out, and if anyone needs to get on it and leave the area for some reason then that's what they do," says Lopez.

Residents across East Ridge voluntarily evacuated, as the South Chickamauga Creek crested, flooding streets, businesses and homes.

"Pretty soon the whole road will be a lake," a resident says. "I mean, we've seen it where we've put a boat in, and just went up and down the street on a boat before."

Rescue crews spent the day on standby.

If the creek would have crested two feet higher, mandatory evacuations would have started.

"If a lot of people are involved, if we don't have immediate family that they can stay with, we have to rely on the American Red Cross to supply us with a temporary shelter," says Amy Maxwell, with Hamilton County EMS.

Kevin Bloom was forced to find higher ground for his RVs.

Camping World took on several feet of water.

"We had a problem a few years back," Bloom says. "We lost a little over 100 campers. We didn't want to do that again."

This time they were prepared.

As was Victor Lopez, who says floods likes these are just part of calling East Ridge home.

"The situation we're in you just kind of push through it," Lopez says.

The local Red Cross remains on standby Wednesday night.

If need be, they will open an emergency shelter at Brainerd Church of Christ.

So far, no calls for help. But they'll be ready if one comes over night.