HARRISON, HAMILTON CO., TN (WRCB) - We first met the Easons two days after the tornado on Davis Mill Circle.

Their roof flew off and a massive tree dove straight for them, but they survived in their bathtub.

But now they may lose their house. Once they got their insurance money, they picked a contractor to rebuild.

They say Doss Construction assured them the insurance money would not only cover the rebuild, they'd have money left over to buy furniture.

Today you can see their new house is near empty.

They say the 3 month timeline turned into eight, their dishwasher disappeared and several elements were left undone.

In the end, they say there wasn't any insurance money leftover. Instead contractor Mike Doss said they owed him thousands of dollars.

They say he wouldn't show them receipts. Then they got this letter notifying them Doss was taking a lien out on their house unless they could pay $17,000 in two weeks.

The Easons say they requested a contractor's estimate in the beginning, but never got one.

They say they regret not having more put in writing.

We took their complaints to contractor Mike Doss.

His attorney emailed a statement, in which he claims they never complained about the work. That they signed an agreement when they moved-in to pay the $17,00 and that their insurance would cover most of it.

He says Doss is willing to work out a payment plan over the next few years rather than enforce the lien, but the Easons haven't agreed.

Doss Construction is licensed but not accredited through the Better Business Bureau.