CLEVELAND, TN. (WRCB) -- Musical director Dr. William Green, of Lee University, says the opportunity to let the chorus sing at the Presidential Inauguration is once in a lifetime.

"It is a wonderful opportunity, one that you would never expect, and one you would always love to have."

He says it is a testament to the students' dedication.

"I think for our students it is passion. It is the passion they bring for singing and for music and for life."

In November, the group found out they were summoned to the national stage to sing.

Students who will be part of the experience, say they are excited.

Sophomore Victoria Betts says, "We as a school are so excited about this opportunity. They announced the news and everyone just freaked out. It was great."

Sophomore Cohen Whittington says, "It is a great opportunity to be on this side of the spectrum. We are not just looking at it but we are on top. It's a cool experience and unique opportunity we have."

Freshman baritone, Michael James, didn't think he would make the cut. Now he says he has something to prove.

"It is pretty awesome to say my first time to go up there is to sing for the president of the nation," James says.

Once in D.C., the chorus will take the stage and have 30 minutes of song time.

This comes with VIP seating.

"I tell the students it is close enough to throw a softball to the president, if we were able to do that," says Dr. Green.

Lee University has already gained much national attention, after winning third place on the NBC hit show "The Sing Off."

Now they will take 200 booming voices to Washington for another opportunity to let Lee University's light shine.

Dr. Green says, "It's a time when our nation comes together and acknowledges a leader and supports him in that way."

The inauguration will be held on January 21, 2013.

The chorus will sing about nine songs for a total of 30 minutes.

One of those songs will be "Chattanooga Choo Choo."