MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX (KPRC) -- A dog shot in the face, stuffed inside a garbage bag and left to die on the side of a rural Montgomery County, Texas road survived the incident but may never fully recover, a veterinarian said.

"Buck came in with a bad prognosis. He was hypothermic. He was comatose," Dr. Ron Hendrick said.

The dog, a 3  1/2 -year-old mixed breed has been nicknamed "Buckshot" because he survived a shotgun blast to the face.

"He had bullets (pellets) in his mouth, in his eyes, in cheeks, all over," Tami Augustyn said.

Augustyn's neighbor originally discovered the dog on Saturday as he was driving down a rural Montgomery County road named Bulldog Lane.

Buck is expected to survive, but he cannot walk well and he is blind, although it is unclear if that condition will be permanent.

Augustyn said that she has already spent a significant amount of money securing proper medical care for the dog.

She has started a Facebook page to enlist financial support.

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