CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police arrested a teen in connection with another shooting outside a high school basketball game, this time at Howard as they played Brainerd.

Gunfire rang out Friday outside The Howard School around 9:30 p.m. Hundreds of students were leaving after the game against Brainerd High School when police say a teen boy started firing shots. No one was hurt, only vehicles were damaged and he was arrested, but many are now left wandering what's next.

Channel 3 was at the Howard v. Brainerd game Friday and shot video of the beefed up security checking students as they came and went.

"You're supposed to feel safe when you go to a place like that and they're even checking and everything and that still happens," Howard student Aelejandra Gaspar said.

Hamilton County school officials added more city police and sheriff's deputies at all the games, plus metal detectors at some after the first two shootings. The first, outside the Howard game at Brainerd November 30th. Then, outside the Howard game at Tyner December 7th.

"Safety is our first concern so we're not taking it lightly at all," Hamilton County Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lee McDade told Channel 3 in a previous interview.

No one has been injured but it's enough to scare Howard sophomore Aelejandra Gaspar out of staying for the games.

"That's why I leave at halftime. I'm not really comfortable staying for the whole game," Gaspar said.

She's glad she wasn't there Friday night, as a teen boy fired shots from a car at other cars leaving the game. Chattanooga Police found the teen with a pistol and arrested him. They're not saying if they think it's gang-related.

"I've heard it's because of gangs. That's what I heard, I mean you know, people talk. It's different from what the teachers hear," Gaspar said.

She says when teachers aren't listening, some classmates are plotting out ways to get around the increased security.

"They're like 'oh I took my backpack off and then gave it to somebody else' and I'm like how did that happen? They didn't check the backpack? There could be something in there," Gaspar said.

Several neighbors Channel 3 talked to say they don't know what it will take to stop the teens from gunplay, but think the police and schools are doing their best, and that it comes down to parenting.

Chattanooga Police aren't releasing the name of the suspect in Friday night's shooting because he's a juvenile. They say the investigation is ongoing. We'll keep you updated on any developments.