CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Thousands of people are flocked to local stores this weekend with one goal-- to finish Christmas shopping before time runs out.

"A little last minute shopping does a body good I think," shopper Anna Manley said.

Local small business owners say they're raking in more cash than last holiday season and this weekend's last minute shopping blitz is really adding up.

Consumer reports showed nearly 70% of Americans headed into this weekend with a shopping list still to check off. The malls are packed as usual, but this year local vendors say they're getting more customers than they're used to.

"It's been busy pretty much as soon as we open the doors until we close. We're like having to push people out basically," Blue Skies Manager Taylor Hixson said.

Hixson manages Blue Skies on Frazier Avenue. She says more people seem to be focusing on shopping local this year.

"It feels a lot more hectic than previous years," Hixson said.

It kept their cash registers and gift wrappers in constant motion all day Saturday, the second busiest shopping day of the year, and again Sunday as soon as the doors opened.

"We sold like 750 items so a lot of people have been coming through. It amazes me that we even have anything left after doing that much in one day," Hixson said.

"I mean we're having a good time doing it," shopper Matt Rannou said.

"I wish we were a bit more consistent and could say that we started Halloween like the rest of our family does, but unfortunately that's not so much the case," Manley said.

Procrastinators also filled Chattanooga's Holiday Market, which organizers say has been the most successful market to date with nearly 200 local vendors.

"This is a very good venue for me because the people that come here are very interested in buying something you can't get at the mall," vendor Dolores Henriquez said.

"We like supporting local vendors and it's just a fun atmosphere and they have such different stuff," Michael, Susan and Jenna Miller said.

"I kept trying to tell myself that I was going to do all my shopping online this year and I kept looking on Amazon and kept looking other places and just couldn't find anything that wasn't super generic," shopper Casey Gorman said.

Casey Gorman started and finished her shopping in one afternoon.

"It was only 20 bucks! You can't find stuff like this for 20 bucks online," Gorman said.