ALEDO, TX (KXAS) -- A Christmas Grinch is stealing decorations in Aledo, Texas.

In one case, surveillance video caught the thief in action.  

"I just thought it was teenage boys playing around," said Ashley Starnes.

Someone stole the wreath from her front door and a string of lights from her front yard at about 3 a.m. on December 7.

When her husband reviewed their surveillance video and couldn't believe his eyes.

The "Grinch" was a grown woman. She is seen on the video approaching the front door, ripping off the wreath and walking away.

But before she left in a red, four-door pickup, she snatched a row of Christmas lights from the family's driveway.

Jon Starnes summed up his reaction as "shock, absolute shock."

"[I] just couldn't believe it -- that a grown individual would do something like that," he said. "It's so petty."

Then, surveillance video appeared to show the same woman returning one week later at about 4 a.m. and stealing another row of lights.

"I was mad at first, but Merry Christmas," Ashley Starnes said. "I guess she needs it more than I do."

Police said at least four other people in same Aledo neighborhood have also reported holiday decorations being stolen in recent weeks.

"It's funny because it's unusual," Parker County Sheriff Lt. Mark Arnett said. "But the bottom line is, people could die over this."

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