INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) -- When Mom gets sick, the whole family is affected.

Martin Williamson is eight years old, and while his mother Tammy goes through treatment, he makes music for Mom and many other patients at Community East Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Every morning, Tammy Williamson and her family go to the hospital. While Tammy goes in for radiation treatment, her husband, son and two daughters set up in the lobby where Martin plays his miniature harp.

Martin is home-schooled, so it is his mother and teacher in the battle of her life.

"It can kill you if you have it long enough. Luckily Mommy had her cancer found in stage one," said Martin.

Surgeon Bob Goulet says when a mother gets cancer, "the impact on the entire family is enormous."

Responses vary. Martin's response is to play.

"Really why I do this is because I'm just kind of like giving other people kind of like a present," he said.

The sounds echo in the entryway and many stop to watch him play song after song.

"We get calls to the office all the time thanking us and we had nothing to do with it," said Dr. Goulet. "It was all their idea."

Some patients are now asking if they can have an appointment near Tammy's so they can hear the music too.

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