CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Black Friday is just hours away and many of you might be getting ready to shop until you drop!

Some stores are opening their doors Thursday night, instead of at midnight for Black Friday, a hot topic that has many speaking up.

Over the years, retailers have opened earlier and earlier for Black Friday door buster deals. Target's parking lot may be empty now, but come 9 o'clock Thursday night it will be a completely different story.

"We're getting everything ready, and we're excited for all the crowds to come," Lacey Richmer says.

But at some stores, including Target, Black Friday has slowly turned into "Black Thursday."

For the first time ever, some stores have decided to open their doors Thursday evening instead of waiting for the early bird Friday specials.

"We want to be the first retailer that guests come to," Richmer says. "We want to be the one that opens first."

Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Sears and H.H. Greg have the same idea: they're all opening Thursday night.

Old Navy decided to forgo that notion and open all day Thanksgiving.

But some believe the holidays should be about family, for shoppers and employees alike.

"That is sad," shopper, Michelle Coker says. "I really wish they had at least part of the day."

"I can remember a time when Thanksgiving Day was definitely a family day and the stores closed," shopper, Sheryline Truggle says. "You couldn't even find a service station open because it was a very -- it was almost like a sacred kind of day, just like Christmas."

Target tells Channel 3 they scheduled volunteers to work Black Friday first and did not schedule anyone who needed the day off.

After all, the company says it's doing it because of customer demand.

"They're opening on Thursday instead of Black Friday, like in years past. What do you think about that," Channel 3 asks.

"It's great," one shopper replies.

While extended hours mean more work for employees, it also means more jobs.

Target says they have about 180 employees who will work Black Friday, and they will continue to hire new ones throughout the holidays.