RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) --  When Heritage High School journalism teacher Wayne Ingle suggested his students take a 24-hour break from technology, he knew he would have to set a good example, so he "unplugged" too.  Although a few decades older than the teens, he soon found out the technical dependence spans generations.

"We signed a pledge to stay off phones, the Internet, video games and TV for a full day," Ingle said.  "We each kept a written journal, and the reactions are quite telling."

Some students, like freshman Eva Cosby used the time constructively.  "I actually got things done," she said. "I talked to my family, learned how to do several French braids on myself, found the right eye shadow colors to match my skin, and even worked on my abs.  Most days, I'm just texting, tweeting, and socializing."

Corbin Kinsey, a junior, is news editor of the school newspaper.  He's preparing a story based on students' experiences.  "Some are really dependent on technology, myself included," he said.  "But now that I know I can do it, I'm looking for a bigger challenge, maybe a week next time."  His suggestion was met by groans from fellow students.

Sophomore Sarah Mason admitted she got her homework done early, then "sat in my room and stared at the wall while my parents were downstairs watching TV."  Her boredom problem was soon solved, however.  "I finally fell asleep."

Ingle concluded, "I don't think these students are addicted to the Internet, but their comments reveal struggles that were alternately humorous, desperate, and heartwarming."  He added, "And it was a learning experience for me too.  I was off the Internet and Twitter for 24 hours," he said, "and I'm afraid no one missed me."