GEORGETOWN, TN (WRCB) -- Two young women were killed in a head-on collision with an ambulance on Highway 58 in Georgetown on Tuesday.

The ambulance was carrying five people, including a child with special needs. Everyone in the ambulance was treated for minor injuries.

"I was praying to god please make my baby safe. Make my baby safe then I started praying for everyone else," said Juanita Hanley, who was riding in the ambulance with her grandson Holden.

Her baby was fine, but at the time her special needs grandson Holden was hanging upside down inches away from Juanita who was trapped in the overturned ambulance.

"It was horrifying, it was," Juanita said. "I just feel so bad for the girls in that truck. I pray for their families to help them with their grief. I just feel real bad for them."

The Ford Ranger that struck the ambulance was driven by 29-year-old Misty Browning. 30-year-old Jennifer Friddell was with her.  The two women both died from injuries received after the head-on collision.

Juanita says it's a miracle the five in the ambulance walked away with minor injuries. "What I seen on the news and how it looked, we was lucky anybody survived."

Juanita's main concern was her grandson Holden. She has taken care of him since he was an infant when he contracted meningitis. "He's my joy, he's my life," she said. "I just love him to death."

Juanita says Holden is her world and in the blink of an eye it was almost taken away. Holden was rushed to Children's Hospital at Erlanger with only bumps and bruises.

Before the accident they were on the way to the hospital for a post operation visit.

She says Holden can't eat anything by mouth, but he loves to taste and when he's back to normal she has a treat waiting for him. "His pain medication from his surgery keeps him zonked but he'll be getting his treats, we have a bag of cotton candy waiting on him."