DAYTON, TN (WRCB) -- A Dayton jury found a state lawmaker not guilty of assault Tuesday.

The assault trial for State Rep. Jim Cobb opened Tuesday morning, with Cobb charged with assault against Wanda Goins on August 2, during the GOP primary race.

The assault charge stems from allegations that he threatened Goins, who was in a wheelchair, on the day of the primary election.

Tuesday, Dr. Derrick Martinelli gave his testimony via Skype, an internet video conferencing program. He said that Rep. Jim Cobb was "aggressive" in the al ledged August 2 assault.

Wanda Goins later took the stand, saying she was "scared to death" when Rep Jim Cobb started yelling at her.

Further questioning led Goins to lose her composure on the stand, and become tearful.

Goins, a supporter of Cobb's opponent, Ron Travis, said she had reason to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury from the incident.

Cobb later pleaded not guilty to the assault charge. A jury agreed, finding Cobb not guilty of assault.

Cobb lost to Travis by 103 votes.