BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB) -- Heavy Republican support flows through Bradley County with more than three quarters of voters choosing Mitt Romney in the presidential race.

Bradley County Republican Party Chair, David Smith, says he knew it would be close but thought Romney would emerge the victor.

"Of course we are disappointed," he said. "We expected more out of it and I'm concerned about the Republican party and how we reach out to people."

He says the idea is to change the party's image nationally and then bring local chapters on board.

Smith supports Romney, but says some debate comments about women and the auto industry didn't sit well with undecided voters.

"It was just crazy, at times, off the wall," he said. "It lost us the election and some momentum."

Raymond Swafford says there aren't enough clear leaders in the party and voters will lose trust quickly. "You get more people riding the wagon than pulling it and you will collapse."

Smith says the focus now is to target younger voters and the minority demographic.

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