CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A 21 year old convicted of reckless homicide charges was sentenced  Monday to four years for reckless homicide and two years for reckless endangerment by Judge Barry Steelman.

It took a jury only three hours of deliberations last month to convicted Myles Stout of reckless homicide and reckless endangerment for the shooting death of Myles Compton. The homicide and endangerment conviction carries a two to four year sentence.

Following his conviction a young woman accused Stout of breaking into her apartment and harassing her. A hearing on that is scheduled for later this week.

During the sentencing today, a parole investigator from the Tennessee Board of Probation and Correction was the first to take the stand. He testified that Stout told him he smoked marijuana four to five times a day from 2009-2011, tried cocaine between 2009-10, and tried meth once.

The investigator said Stout told him he wanted to stop doing drugs and drinking alcohol because they were "tearing his life apart."

In a written statement Stout told investigators he was "sorry" for killing Compton and he didn't know the gun was loaded. He told a pre-sentencing investigator he has "struggled with ADD his entire life."

The next person to take the stand was Myles Compton's mother. She told the courtroom that her son had a bright future ahead of him and was a "handy man." Says he could fix anything and was a true "people person."

Compton said she was at Walgreens when she got the call her son had been shot. Myles had told her he was going to a friends house to "see antique guns."

She said her Myles death has left a big hole in the family, and that her youngest son has suffered the most. Says also testified that she had told Myles to stay away from Stout.

The third person to take the stand was Jesse Compton, Myles' father. He told the courtroom that Myles Stout had no respect for others.

Just after 3:30 in the afternoon, Myles Stout himself took the stand and read an apology statement to the Compton family.