CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- You could argue that other holidays have more meaning, but for many kids Halloween is like a right of passage. 

But not everyone can get out and celebrate. Some children are stuck in places like the Children's Hospital at Erlanger where it's up to the staff to fill the void.

"Our goal today is to make the patients smile and laugh and hopefully the families have fun today," said nurse Tina Borey. "And to take their minds off of why they're here to get medical treatment."

Even if that requires dressing up like the cast of Sesame Street. It seemed to be working and so did the friendly pets dressed up as ladybugs that children got to spend some quality time with.

Little Charlee Casseday, who dressed as "Bat Girl", is receiving cancer treatment. She can't go trick or treating but she did bring candy for all of her friends at the hospital. She said her favorite part of Wednesday was seeing the puppies.

A floor away Coleman Smith dressed as Davey Crockett. He and his father were touched that the staff brought a sense of normalcy to them during a time where life doesn't seem all that normal.

"They've been great to us all day," he said. "They had a Halloween party for Coleman since he isn't going to get to trick or treat. They had puppy dogs come in and brought him treats and showed him a Halloween movie. They've been really good to us."