CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, several major retailers are looking for some extra help. Now is the time to apply for those seasonal jobs.

Several retailers are hiring more seasonal workers than they did last year. And with the positive outlook of consumers spending close to $600 billion this season, many of those temporary jobs can turn into permanent positions.

You have probably seen the signs as major retailers are looking to hire seasonal help. As stores prepare for the holiday rush, it's a good opportunity to get your foot in the door.

The National Retail Federation says it expects more than 600,000 temporary jobs to filled for this upcoming holiday season.

With a distribution center here in Chattanooga, Amazon is adding 50,000 seasonal jobs.

Another major retailer, Kohl's, is expected to add close to 53,000 thousand jobs. Toys R Us is adding just at 45,000. And retail giant Wal-Mart says it's adding more than 50,000 jobs as well.

One of the largest seasonal employers this year is Target, which will add between 80 and 90,000 jobs. "We're looking for quite a few people. We're looking to hire 50 people over the next three or four weeks. It's quite a task to accomplish," says Hannes DeWet.

DeWet is an assistant manager at the Target in Hixson. "We are looking for fast, fun friendly people. The number one requirement, they have to be service oriented. They have to like people," he says.

"We're getting people coming in. But we're needing a lot more as well," says Meredith Greaf.

Greaf works in human resources and says the store will be hiring right up until black Friday, and will need help with all the extra shipments. "Especially our early morning processes. We're getting tons of trucks in, so that's really what we're trying to staff right now," she says.

Recently hired Logan Buchanan will be the first to tell you there's plenty of work out there. "I didn't get turned down by anybody. They were like, 'By all means, apply here.' And I just got the first call from here," says Buchanan.

"It's just like the super bowl. We're all prepped for it. Ready to go. Excited about it. We just can't wait. We just need some good people," says DeWet.

A survey by Careerbuilder found more than six in ten employers plan to pay holiday staffers $10 or more an hour this year. That's up by nine percent from last year. 

The survey also found 39 percent of employers say they plan to transition some employees into full-time, permanent staff.

With most stores you can apply in person or online.