CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- In an effort to save money, the United States Postal Service is slashing hours at dozens of rural post offices in the Tennessee Valley.

Some locations may operate as few as two hours a day.

It's a move to save over a billion dollars.

Thousands of post offices across the country are closing or cutting hours drastically to save money.

Small communities like Birchwood are already feeling the squeeze.

Hundreds of rural offices across Tennessee are cutting hours from eight down to two hours on some days.

Birchwood already takes an hour off, beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Soon it'll be down to four hours of business a day.

Tom Carroll has been using the center for 30 years and says his concern is for the mail carrier he's known all his life.

"He has been delivering our mail for 30 years and he may be close to retirement, but it's still going to affect him," says Carrol.

The postal service is talking with communities across our area about the new hours.

Once a plan is put together, the new hours will go in to effect 30 days after it has been posted.

Click here for a list of the new hours.