CHATTANOOGA -- WRCB, Chattanooga's NBC affiliate, began broadcasting all local newscasts and local programming in high definition September 2012. 

The television station had been broadcasting NBC network programs, national syndicated programs, and commercials in HD for years. This final step allowed the station to present its popular newscasts in full HD 16x9 widescreen months ago. Some of the station's most popular programs such as ELLEN, ET, and INSIDE EDITION, have been available in high definition as well as local commercials.

The station has invested millions of dollars to bring viewers in the Tennessee Valley a superior picture quality. Engineers and project managers spent many weeks planning, installing, and training for the transition.

"It has involved much time, hard work and technical planning, but it was worth the wait," said WRCB President & General Manager Tom Tolar. "Now when viewers watch the station, our local newscasts will appear in the same HD quality as the rest of the network. There will be no reduction in picture quality."

Channel 3 began broadcasting in Chattanooga on May 6, 1956. The station is owned by Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. based in Bloomington, Indiana. Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. also own and operates KTVN-TV in Reno, Nevada; WAJI-FM and WLDE-FM in Fort Wayne, Indiana; WGCL-AM and WTTS-FM in Bloomington.