FRANKLIN COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) - The mother of a murdered Franklin County woman is pleading for help from a district attorney in our area to get the man she thinks is responsible behind bars.

The body 24-year-old nursing student Megan Sharpton was found beaten and burning. She was found along a roadside in Bedford County in July. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is investigating her murder.

The district attorney on the case is Mike Taylor, who serves Franklin, as well as Bledsoe, Grundy, Rhea, Marion, and Sequatchie counties. Megan's mom, Kelly Sharpton, is pleading with him to make some moves in the case out of fear for her families safety, as well as other girls in the region she worries could be next.

"It's an unbearable pain and it never ends and I don't want another family to feel this way," Kelly Sharpton says.

Sharpton says it's hard to look at her daughter Megan's picture without feeling a shock wave of pain.

Megan was a nursing student who had answered a newspaper ad to be a caregiver to an elderly woman in July. When she showed up, she was brutally attacked. The cause of death was blunt force trauma. Her body was found burning on the roadside.

"Every girl in this area, in this state, is at risk while this man is loose," Sharpton says.

"They have developed persons of interest in the case, but that's about the only comment I could make at this time," 12th Judicial District Attorney Mike Taylor says.

But, Megan's mom says there's one specific "person of interest" in the small town of Tullahoma that has her terrified.

"He's made contact with our family directly since this happened, threateningly, and we're concerned," Sharpton says.

She says she's impressed with the amount of evidence detectives have gathered over the last two months, but can't understand why this one man hasn't been arrested.

"It's the evidence that's produced by the investigation that you have to rely on in a criminal case and like I say, the investigation is ongoing," Taylor says.

"The sheriff's office and the district attorney's office have to work to try to work together. When powers that be decide enough evidence, we expect that would happen," Franklin County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Chris Guess says.

"Haven't heard from Taylor in several days and I'm concerned, especially with the events of him contacting our family," Sharpton says.

District Attorney Mike Taylor did not want to release the identity of any "persons of interest" at this time.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says it is continuing to gather new evidence, which they say will help greatly once an indictment is made and it goes to trial.

There is a reward offered for information leading to an arrest.

Report any information to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office at (931) 976-2331 or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-TBI-LOST.