CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- It took less than 48 hours for Terrell Robinson to change his mind.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga head coach Russ Huesman announced Thursday the sophomore quarterback has rejoined the Mocs' football team. Robinson abruptly quit the team Tuesday, one game into his sophomore season.

"Terrell came in and said he still wanted to be a part of this," Huesman said. "He was very humble and said he felt like he let the team down. He seemed to be back to the guy we recruited and had for the last two years here."

Huesman first got the approval of his players and coaches before reinstating Robinson. Both were unanimous in their decision to bring him back.

"He's well-liked and well-respected on this team," Huesman said. "If he was a bad kid, we probably would have parted ways and left it at that. But he's been a great person the whole time he's been here.

"I just wanted to make sure he was doing this for the right reasons, and he is. We're just glad to have him back."

Running back J.J. Jackson was one of the captains who approved Robinson's return. He said the team kept working and kept its distance to let the former South Pittsburg star work through the process, and he's happy Robinson chose to come back.

"We want him on this football team," Jackson said. "The team is very forgiving, and he's like a brother to us. He obviously made a decision that was a mistake and one that he regretted, but we've all done stuff like that."

Robinson was in uniform and on the field for Thursday's workout, but was not made available to the media. Robinson will not be on the team's travel roster for Saturday's game at Jacksonville State, but Huesman was pleased to hear still wanted to be at the game.

"He asked if I'd mind him driving down on his own and just being on the sidelines with his jersey on, and I felt great about that comment," Huesman said. "Most people would try to hide, but he doesn't want to. He wants to encourage our offense and our whole football team."

Robinson, the reigning co-SoCon Freshman of the Year, has split reps in practice with Jacob Huesman since the end of last season as the Mocs install a new spread offense. The former South Pittsburg star started last week's season-opening 34-13 loss at South Florida, though Huesman wound up recording more snaps and carries.

Russ Huesman said Robinson will jump back into the normal routine of sharing equal practice reps with Jacob on Sunday, and the Mocs will use both quarterbacks in next Thursday's home-opener against Glenville State.

"I told Terrell he'll be back Sunday and we'll be rolling," Huesman said. "I told him we've only played one game, so we don't know how the season is going to go. He may get 60 snaps down the road, but I told him I wouldn't guarantee anything.

"We're going to play the guy who is producing, but I told Terrell not to look over his shoulder. He just needs to play loose and have fun. If he keeps working hard, his time will come to help us win a game."