FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. (WRCB-TV) - It seems like a good policy: leave your drivers license and your car, take a car off the lot to test drive. You will have to come back. Unless the license is stolen and a friend is hiding in the car to be left behind, waiting to speed away. This week's pictures could mean some Crime Stoppers cash for you, if you can help us track down these car thieves. "I believe they're very recognizable," said Ft. Oglethorpe Detective Sergeant Johnny Lanham. "I mean, we've got some good close-ups."

It was Wednesday morning, May 9th, when the first guy entered Wilson's Auto Sales to ask about test driving a car. The lot is along LaFayette Road in Fort Oglethorpe. An employee inside told him he would have to come back with a drivers license and be prepared to leave his car.

A few hours later, the suspect's friend drives up in a silver Nissan Altima. This second man enters Wilson's, asks to test drive a Dodge Magnum, and hands over a Tennessee Driver License. "It was a stolen drivers license that looked close enough to the individual that the salesperson didn't even look twice," Sgt. Lanham said.

"Unbeknown to the employees at Wilson's, the Nissan Altima he arrived in, someone was ducked down in it," Lanham explained, "and after he leaves in the Magnum, the other suspect drives the Nissan away."

The cars are long gone, but do you recognize these two? The first guy was tall, wearing a blue and white gingham shirt, a black ball cap, and wearing a large-faced watch.

The guy that drove off had dread locks and was wearing a red jumpsuit or hoodie and shorts. Can you match either or both with the Nissan? "Unless that silver Altima was stolen," said Lanham. "If we can get these faces with that Altima, we can identify our suspect."

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