CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- The murder trial of 21-year-old Myles Stout began Wednesday morning in Chattanooga, after jury selection was completed on Tuesday.

Stout is charged in the March 2011 death of 18-year-old Miles Compton. The two were at a home in the Mountain Shadows development in east Chattanooga.

A third friend, Kevin Driscoll, hosted the gathering and displayed the guns to Stout and Compton.

In court Wednesday, Driscoll took the stand, his voice barely audible. He was asked to speak up so his testimony could be heard. He said that he had known Miles Compton since the 5th grade.

Driscoll testified that after the Stout asked to see the guns, but before handing them over, he hid the clips. However, he did not check the chambers to see if either gun still had a round inside.

According to Driscoll, Stout then grabbed one of the guns and pointed it at Amanda Freeman. When Driscoll told him to stop, Stout walked away with the gun still in his hand.

Witness had told investigators that said Stout took the gun, loaded it, and later put it to Compton's chest and pulled the trigger.

I don't remember a lot, but I know Compton got shot," Driscoll testified. "I heard a bang. I didn't see the flash."

He added that Stout fired another shot outside the house then put the gun down.

After the shooting, Driscoll emptied gun clip and threw the bullets in backyard. He says he didn't want anyone else to get hurt and that he was scared.

It was at the point that police arrived, took the gun and arrested everyone in the house.

Stout had lived in the game room of Driscoll's house for about two weeks prior to the shooting.

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