By Karen Franklin,

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (NBC) -- Police in Fort Lauderdale, FL., have arrested a mother they say discarded her infant son in a hotel trash bin after she told hospital staff she had an abortion.

Alexandria Sladon-Marler, 33, was arrested Monday morning and faces charges including aggravated manslaughter and child neglect, according to authorities.

The incident began on Aug. 10 when police were contacted by emergency room workers at Broward General Medical Center who said Sladon-Marler told them she was experiencing symptoms from a recent pregnancy, police said.

Sladon-Marler told doctors she'd recently had an abortion and the symptoms were a result of the procedure, but a medical evaluation didn't support her story, police said.

Doctors told police Sladon-Marler had recently given birth but were unsure of the baby's whereabouts, police said.

When officers went to the Fort Lauderdale Beach Place Hotel and Suites, where Sladon-Marler had been transported from, they noticed an unusual amount of blood throughout her hotel room, police said.

The dead baby was later found "wrapped in a towel and placed inside of a pillowcase" in a trash bin at the hotel, according to a police report.

"They looked around the hotel room and they eventually went to the dumpster and located an infant boy," said Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Detective DeAnna Garcia.

Sladon-Marler was being held Tuesday on $47,500 bond. It was unknown whether she has an attorney.