RED BANK, TN. (WRCB) -- More than 24 hours after his daughter was hit by a mail truck, a Red Bank father's anger has not subsided.

The girl has serious injuries to her leg.

Her father says it could have been much worse.

Now he's taking aim at why this happened. The Goins' say the blame falls on the driver, who they say, was distracted.

"I was laying in the middle of the road screaming," says Madison Goins.

The 11-year-old narrowly escaped tragedy on Tuesday.

Her father Billy Goins says, "Fortunate he didn't run over her torso or her head, that's the main thing, period."

Billy's daughter was run over by a mail carrier in their apartment complex. Luckily just her right leg. But how did this happen?

Billy says the mail carrier was distracted by music.

"He couldn't hear anything because he had earphones on, couldn't hear anybody, nothing."

Law enforcement spent Wednesday re-creating Tuesday's scene.

Madison said she was sitting by the mailbox as she always does using the Internet.

The mail carrier pulled up, she waved and said hello. The carrier unloaded the mail and proceeded to drive away. Madison said hold on as she tried to get out of the way.

"I was trying to get up, and he ran right over my leg," Madison says.

Still unaware of what just happened, the Goins say the driver kept driving another 15 feet. That's when Billy's girlfriend heard the screams from inside and bolted out the door screaming at the mail carrier.

"I don't believe he would have stopped if my girlfriend didn't run out and stop him," says Billy.

What angered Billy further was what he says the driver said after he realized what happened.

"All he kept saying was, 'oh my God, I lost my job'," Billy says. "Have a little compassion for someone you run over, not oh my God, I lost my job. His job meant more than a child's life!"

Billy adds, "She's all I live for. That's my life."

A U.S. Post Office spokesman says mail carriers aren't allowed to use headphones while driving, but he couldn't comment on specifics because the investigation isn't complete.

Madison's right leg has severe ligament and tendon damage.

Stay with for updates as they become available.