SUMMERVILLE, GA. (WRCB) -- Carolyn Perry holds her five-month-old grandson closer after her son was shot in the chest Saturday morning.

It was close to 3:00 a.m. when she saw an ambulance go by.

"Then I watched it go out of site," Perry says. "I said, I hope one of my kids is not in there."

Police say her son, Amellio Price was shot by, 34-year-old Carlos Underwood, after an altercation during a party at a home on Sixth Avenue.

Police records show Underwood has been convicted on felony drug charges in the past.

Carolyn says her son never had a chance. 

"He threw his hands up and was already shot after he said 'I can't fight you and the gun'."

Detective Brian Ozment says Price was hit with a hollow point bullet close range.

"It traveled through his lung and skimmed his heart, but didn't damage it," he says.

Police say Price then crawled to a nearby house and a woman there called 911.

Amellio's aunt, Patrice Price, says she is thankful the woman answered the door. 

"Had it not been for her, he would have died," she says.

Ozment says getting any answers from the crowd was difficult.

"More people have declined to talk to us or claim they had no knowledge of what happened."

Price says, "I feel as if it were their child and my kids saw it, I would tell them to tell what they saw."

Perry says she is afraid of retaliation from the suspect who is out on bond, and Amellio has to pull through for his family.

"Yes, I thank God he is alive, because he has a five-month-old baby to take care of and was supposed to start a new job soon."

Price is still in the hospital recovering, but his mom hopes he will be home before the end of the week.

Underwood is facing several felony charges including aggravated assault.

He is due in Superior Court in February.