CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)  --  Shearon Gass had to be cut out of her home after a 150-year-old oak tree fell on top of it during Tropical Storm Lee in early September of last year.

Almost a year later, nothing has changed. All that's missing is the tree and some of the debris inside the home.

The property is so bad Catoosa County sent her a violation ordinance threatening to fine her up to $1,000 per offense or 30 days in jail if the property isn't fixed within 60 days.

"It's hurting theses houses up and down here. There's houses for sale and as far as I know, nobody has even looked at them. But who wants to look at this everyday," says neighbor Lisa Haddock.

"It's at the end of the road for waiting. We really need to get this going," says Gass.

Gass says she has received a total of $45,000 from State Farm insurance, but repairs to the home are estimated at more than $105,000.

"It's just not even close to even half of covering the amount of damage done to it," Gass says.  

Her builders are ready to go to work, but won't start until the full amount is paid.

"Bickering over money back and forth and it's been relatively small amounts of money," explains Gass.

Meanwhile, State Farm is paying for Gass' rental property but it's a burden for her because it's 45 minutes away.

"It's very hard to find someone who will work with you on a month-to-month basis," she says.  

State Farm spokesperson Justin Tomczak says larger claims can take awhile, but admits this case is taking longer than usual.

"It's like they're stringing her along and that's not fair at all," Haddock says.

Channel 3 contacted Gass' adjuster. He refused to talk.

"He had spoken with you and he has made promises to rectify the situation hopefully by the end of the week, first of next week," Gass says.

She's heard promises before but this time she's going to hold them to it.

"I need them to be like a good neighbor. I need them to help me," Gass says.

Channel 3 spoke with the Catoosa County code enforcement officer. He says he is aware of Gass' situation and is willing to work with her, but he has to do his job.

He's given her until October 19, to fix the property but says, he can extend the deadline if needed.