COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WRCB) -- Da'Rick Rogers says failed drug tests led to his eventual departure from the Tennessee football team last week.

The former Calhoun High standout made his first media appearance at Tennessee Tech on Tuesday, one day after the Golden Eagles' officially announced that he'd been accepted as a transfer.

Rogers was apologetic for mistakes made in Knoxville and gracious for the new beginning he's been offered in Cookeville.

"There were a couple of drug tests," Rogers said. "It was me being a young, immature guy and those are things that I've got to work on. I plan to do that.

"When it came to review my next school and I met coach (Watson) Brown I most definitely felt like he was a guy that could help me with all my things and the situation that I had going on."

Considering Rogers' past, Brown said the former all-SEC wideout will have to do more than other players to remain a part of the TTU program.

"Those things are between he and I, but I feel we're doing things that can help him," Brown said. "If he was my son, I'd want to be hard on him, but I'd still love him. So we're going to deal with it and get through it.

"Just to take off and go somewhere else doesn't make it easy. He has a lot of people (in Knoxville) he still cares about and it was hard to leave, but that's life."

Brown didn't contact Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley before accepting Rogers, instead he went on the word of Rogers' high school coach, Hal Lamb, and several current TTU players who have been his teammate in the past.

"They all had nice things to say about him and he handled himself in a first-class way when we met on Sunday, so we felt good about doing this," said Brown, who listed quarterback Tre Lamb, running back Adam Urbano and assistant coach Tyler Wolfe as Rogers' primary supporters. "We're here to help him grow through this season, and I'm here to be his dad away from home and help him get through any issues that he's got."

Brown said Rogers will dress for Thursday's season-opener against Hampton, but he doesn't know how much the junior receiver will play.