CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga is home to a sock company that is quietly making inroads in high performance footwear and changing the way you'll think about socks. 

Goodhew has a small unassuming office on the southside of Chattanooga and only six employees, but the company is using American grown wool and bamboo and hi-tech knitting mills to produce what its customers are quickly embracing.  

Jim Markley and Thomas Lee, the founding partners, have teamed up with designer Mercedes Marchand.  

Goodhew makes socks for everyday living and for active sports. Its sister brand, Sockwell makes compression socks to deliver comfort and support to anyone of any age.  

Markley says Sockwells are for nurses, baristas, travelers who sit for hours at a time as well as older folks who may have poor circulation.  

Designer, Marchand says their socks provide thermo-regulating moisture management with no stink!  

Markley says, "If you put the sock on someone, they get it, instantly!"  

He says merino wool absorbs the moisture; it doesn't wick the moisture.  

"So all day long," he says, "your body temperature helps the moisture evaporate."

Lee says their customers are looking for a sock that fits like a glove and the fit lasts.

He says, "They feel as good at the end of the day as they did when you put them on in the morning.

Marchand has combined her passion for fashion with the outdoor industry and wellness.  Her artistic bent is evident when she talks about the vivid colors of the socks, both Goodhew and Sockwell.  

She's excited about the products. She says Goodhew and Sockwell bring together all the components of things she's passionate about.  

Marchand's background is impressive.

Markley says she's the best in their industry. She has extensive experience as a designer in New York with Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani and later worked with Markley at Smartwool.  

Markley, Marchand and Lee are all glad to be making socks again and making them in the United States.  

Markley says, "There's a lot of feet in the world and we're going to put a sock on every one of them if we can!"

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