BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- More than a year after breaking ground for a $1 billion facility in Bradley County, solar panel company Wacker Chemie gives Channel 3 a first look from the skies.

With this growth they are also sounding the alarm for more employees.

Wacker Hiring Manager Erika Burk says, "We are doing everything in waves and I think the wording 'aggressive hiring' has will work for the next year and half."

The company has already welcomed 250 employees, training several at the main plant in Germany right now.

Back home the first steps to getting in is through the Wacker Institute at Chattanooga State.

Director George Graham says nearly 150 students have signed up for the first three training sessions of the year.

"The interest is really great and the students are looking forward to some great careers," Graham says.

The available positions vary. Chemical engineers, technical operators, even maintenance workers are needed in the coming years.

Altogether Wacker is looking for 400 more new faces.

Scientific backgrounds or a heavy interest in science will help your chance, but there is one common characteristic: safety.

"We are very safety conscious," says Burk. "I mean, safety is our number one priority."

It's a competitive pool of applicants. Burk says 90% come from the Chattanooga area.

Once you're in the school the real challenge begins.

Everything is plant-simulated so training is hands on and much is done in teams.

Graham says it helps build better individuals.

"What we see is people have different strengths," Graham says. "By working on a team, you can have strengths in different areas."

Visit here for more information on job opportunities.