UPDATE: The Polk County Sheriff's Office has released the names of the victims in the triple homicide that occurred on Friday.

When officers arrived they found Wanda Waters age 50, and her son, Marion Doug Waters dead at the scene.

The third victim Willard J. Waters age 61 was taken to the hospital where he later died. Willard is Wanda's husband.

UPDATE: George Waters has been arrested by the Polk County Sheriff's Department and has been charged with three counts of first degree murder.

He is currently being held in the county jail without bond.


POLK COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - The TBI continues to investigate a triple shooting in Polk County. It happened Friday afternoon in the Copperhill community.

The incident happened on a gravel road that has five houses on it that are all occupied by family members.

Both a family member and law enforcement say a feud over property lines most likely led to the outburst of violence that left a husband and wife and their son dead.

"It still just hits me in spells. I feel kindly sick to my stomach. And then I want to cry," says Albert Allen.

Albert Allen is still replaying the scene in his mind as law enforcement taped off part of his family's land Friday afternoon.

"You know I heard gunshots. And I didn't know if it was four or five because guns are going off all the time around here," he says.

Allen says his cousins have had an on-going argument over property lines.

A TBI spokesperson says a driveway was being graded by a tractor when the altercation took place.

"One of them keeps trying to take the other's land, trying to the move the line over. And they fuss over it," says Allen.

He says having law enforcement called out to solve the feud was nothing new.

"They call the law every little bit. The law goes through. But they never figured nothing this bad would happen."

Now he says one of his cousins, his cousin's wife and son are dead.

He and the rest of the family are still are still searching for answers, saying the details on what happened still are not clear.

"They bound to be hurting now know that their brother's dead," says Allen.

He is just asking for prayers as investigators piece together what happened.

"Just arguing is all I ever saw and thought that was as far as it would ever go. But we see it didn't stop. It got worse."

The TBI says at least one family member has been identified as a subject of the investigation.

It is not releasing any names of the family members involved.

We also know no one has been charged in the shootings at this time.

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.