MEIGS COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- Jackie Moore installed a wood burning stove in his dining room to get winter's chill out of the house and bring down the power bill at the same time.

An appraiser let the insurance company know about the stove and eventually his policy was canceled.

That triggered the bank's much more expensive backup insurance to kick in, so his monthly mortgage check was no longer enough to cover everything.

"They didn't reimburse the money, but they took it and they didn't notify me until after it was canceled," says Moore.

His policy didn't cover wood burning stoves, which is considered a "high risk."

Once the bank sent late notices he knew something was wrong. 

"So they charged me $900 per month for insurance, when I can get it for just $200 dollars per month," says Moore.

Moore had his home built in 2004 on the same property he grew up on and has no intentions of losing it.

So far, he has paid over $3,000 in fees to get his account back in good standing.

He believes a simple phone call or letter would have saved him a handful of trouble.

"I don't think it was any fault of my own that my policy was canceled."

What he thought was a good idea has cost him thousands and nearly his home, and he doesn't want more homeowners to have the same issue.

However, Moore is still waiting on that call from the insurance company.

"I would except a letter of apology and a reimbursement," says Moore.

Moore's insurance company tells Channel 3 they can't discuss his old policy.

We did check with several insurance companies that will or will not insure these high risk items.

We are told it all depends on your policy.