CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Entrepreneurs from around the globe spent the summer in the Scenic City coming up with businesses that are the future of the Internet. The main ingredient was EPB's new gig per second fiber-optic network.

Channel 3 was were live Thursday night as the Gig Tank winner was announced, but today, we found out what's next for all of these new businesses and what role Chattanooga will play in them.

Team Banyan had the winning idea using Chattanooga's gig per second network to develop a way for researchers to check in with one another to see who's done what and what's next.

$100,000 went to the Tampa Bay team that now says it won't stray too far.

"The connections I've made and the rolodex that's been made available for me is invaluable. I will definitely be back here. If we don't start our company up here, I will definitely be back often as possible," Gig Tank winner Toni Gemayel said.

Friday most teams are packing up their summer homes at Co-Lab to head back to their respective cities, states, and countries, but with Chattanooga's super speed Internet on their minds as they move forward with business plans.

"It has the potential to become something like the Silicon Valley of the southeast really," Gig Tank participant Sean Brennan said.
'I think a lot more businesses to come to Chattanooga. The gig is a wonderful thing," Gig Tank participant Trapper Key said.

"Good to know you have that support system close to you of people who want to help you," Gig Tank participant Kyle Grasser said.
"It's the only place in the U.S. that has it," Gig Tank participant Jorge Landivar said.

Some of Jorge Landivar's team is staying a few more weeks to do some more networking.
"There's connections we've made that we want to hold onto. They're very valuable," he said.

These entrepreneurs have a wide range of ideas.

"We can try to track health insights in real time," Brennan said.

"Fans can become a label for the artist," Landivar said.

"Allows artists to price and sell their own tickets directly to their fans," Grasser said.

And, many say this Gig Tank competition was needed for them to move forward with them.

"We're going to start in the southeast and hopefully we'll be on campuses for student to use by the middle of the year," Key said.

Its promising prospects for them, and possibly, for Chattanooga's economic future.

"Chattanooga was never on my map as a tech hub and it is now. Everybody I know in the development community now knows that Chattanooga is a tech hub," Gemayel said.