ATLANTA, GA (WRCB) -- Gov. Nathan Deal today announced the start of the state's tax-free holiday weekend. This is the first time since 2009 that Georgians have been able to participate in a tax-free holiday for back-to-school items.

"The reinstated sales tax holiday is an opportunity for Georgia families to fulfill some of their needs as our students go back to school," said Deal. "While our state's economy continues to grow, we will continue to work in a pro-family and pro-business manner to lessen the burden on Georgia taxpayers.
"This tax exempt holiday could not have been possible without the responsible leadership of the General Assembly, and it is my hope that Georgians get out this weekend and take advantage of this opportunity."
The Governor's Office of Planning and Budget estimates the two-day holiday will save Georgians up to  $66 million. 

Under the law, the holiday started today at midnight and will conclude at midnight, on Aug. 11. In Oct. of this year, the state will enjoy tax exemptions on green energy purchases.