CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Much later than their desired launch date, the Chattanooga Bike Share program is finally up and running.

You've probably seen one of the nearly three dozen kiosks downtown. Pricing, hours and availability have been the biggest questions. We met with people in charge to answer those questions.

"If you kinda think of it like a library pass, you can buy a 24 hour pass at any kiosk or you can go online and become an annual member," said Philip Pugliese with Outdoor Chattanooga.

An annual pass will run you $60 until mid-September then it's bumped up to $75. The more popular 24-hour pass runs $6.

But here's the catch: you can't use the bike for 24 straight hours. Each individual trip has to be less than one hour.

Pugliese says it's designed for short trips. "This is a transportation system it was developed in partnership with CARTA. This is really about short trips in our urban core."

Late fees will run $5 for each additional half hour you have the bike after the initial hour. But if you return the bike to any of the docks within the hour you can start the process over again by waiting five minutes with no extra charge.

Pugliese says tourists have been getting the most use. "They'll start at the convention center, ride the Aquarium, dock the bike, check out the Aquarium then ride up to the Bluff View and the Art District, they come downtown dock the bike and have lunch, then check the bike out again and make their way back to the hotel."

All for $6.

Andy Malette, in from Toronto, was kicking himself for traveling with his bike. He said he didn't know about the Scenic City's new Bike Share system. "I wouldn't have dragged my bike all the way from Toronto," he said. "I did ride around [and] you've got some great sites and great places to eat. If you got a place to park your car, grab a bike and away you go."

For more info you can visit or download their iPhone or Droid app called Spot Cycle.