NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Here's the list of legislative races lost by incumbents and races that finished so close they were not called after Thursday's primary.

Incumbent losses:

Senate District 30 Democratic primary. Sen. Jim Kyle defeated Sen. Beverly Marerro of Memphis, 7,361 to 5,931.

House District 6 Republican primary. James Van Huss defeated Rep. Dale Ford of Jonesborough, 3,154 to 2,703.

House District 10 Republican primary. Tilman Goins defeated Rep. Don Miller of Morristown, 2,586 to 2,358.

House District 12 Republican primary. Dale Carr defeated House Education Committee Chairman Richard Montgomery of Sevierville. 3,535 to 3,457.

House District 28 Democratic primary. Rep. JoAnne Favors defeated Rep. Tommie Brown of Chattanooga, 3,957 to 1,514.

House District 31 Republican primary. Ron Travis defeated Rep. Jim Cobb of Spring City, 4,357 to 4,252.

House District 32 Republican primary. Kent Calfee defeated Rep. Julie Hurley of Lenoir City, 4,609 to 3,704.

House District 45 Republican primary. Courtney Rogers defeated House Republican Caucus Chairwoman Debra Maggart of Hendersonville, 4,643 to 3,444.

House District 57 Republican primary. Former Rep. Susan Lynn defeated Rep. Linda Elam of Mt. Juliet, 4,719 to 2,259 votes.

House District 90 Democratic primary. Rep. John Deberry defeated Rep. Jeanne Richardson of Memphis, 4,081 to 2,123.

House District 93 Democratic primary. Rep. G.A. Hardaway defeated Rep. Mike Kernell of Memphis, 2,922 to 1,875.

These legislative races were not called:

Senate 10 Republican primary. No incumbent. Todd Gardenhire, 7,995. Greg Vital, 7,980.

Senate 16 Democratic primary. No incumbent. Jim Lewis, 2,935. Steve Roller, 2,901. Three candidates split the rest of the vote.

House District 2 Republican primary. Rep. Tony Shipley of Kingsport, 3,405. Ben Mallicote, 3,394.

House District 58 Democratic primary. Harold Love, 1,314. Rep. Mary Pruitt of Nashville, 1,273.

House District 31 Republican primary. Rep. Vance Dennis of Savannah, 3,243. Shirley Curry, 3,238.


Source: AP Election Results

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