CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - Have a look at this week's surveillance video from Gollywhoppers. If you recognize the crook, it could be your turn to cash in. His method is not a new one. "The suspect actually went, got another rock, and basically broke out the front door," Chattanooga Police Officer Daniel Jones explained.

The footage comes from the popular East Brainerd Road sandwich shoppe just before 1AM on April 17th. "He basically walked around the business for a little while," said Jones, "and basically couldn't find anything else to steal other than a donation jar."

That and bag of chips. Really. Gollywhoppers owners said the donations were being accepted for a customer whose child had undergone a kidney transplant. No doubt the damage done to the front glass door cost exponentially more than this crook was able to get away with.

The video provides clear pictures, but the infrared technology makes a completely accurate description a little difficult. "Can't really tell because of the IR camera sometimes. It can be a light skinned black male , it can also be a dark skinned white male."

What is known is that he is between 5'8" and 6' tall with some sort of facial hair on his chin. He is wearing a hoodie, which appears purple or dark blue in the color pictures. In the IR shots, you can make out a definite design that you may recognize. He also has a strange walk, which may be precipitated by the blue jeans with an unnecessarily low crotch. There is also a view of his car parked alone in the lot.

Your mission is to put all the pieces together, identify the bad guy, then collect your reward. "Any tip that helps us lead to the capture of this guy," said Jones, "will end up being cash money for someone in someone's hands."

The number is 698-3333. Remember, an officer may answer the phone, but you never have to reveal your identity.