DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- In Dade County, the sheriff's race was intense.

At one point in the night, only eight votes separated incumbent Patrick Cannon and challenger Ray Cross. 

Incumbent Sheriff Patrick Cannon received 32% of the total vote. Ray Cross managed to capture 42% of the vote, and had a very strong showing in his home precinct with 68% of the vote there.

With neither candidate capturing the majority, they'll compete in a run-off election on August 21.

"We're very excited that we did so well," Ray Cross says. "We just beat an eight-year incumbent by 300 votes in the precincts. We urge the citizens to get out and vote in this run-off because that's where it's going to pay off."

"Well you know the election process, the guys that ran against me, two of them ran a clean campaign and I was proud of that," Sheriff Cannon says. "We all appreciate getting out and voting and I encourage everyone to come out again and vote. I want everyone to come out to the debate and see actually who they're voting for." 

Again, that runoff is August 21.

Mark your calendars because a runoff debate between Cannon and Cross will take place at the American Legion in Trenton at 6:00 p.m. August 7.

Whoever wins the runoff election will then face the former Dade County sheriff, Democratic candidate Philip Street.

Stay with for Decision 2012 updates as they become available.