CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A Hamilton County judge is giving the suspect in a murder for hire plot, a little more time to find a lawyer.

Chattanooga Police say Sharon Zurconett was plotting to have a woman killed. She was arrested last week, as the result of a month long investigation.

Sharon Zurconett is charged with solicitation to commit first degree murder. Tuesday in court, she stood side by side with the woman she's accused of trying to have killed. Zurconett declined an interview, but the alleged victim told Channel 3 her side of the story.

"She looked at me like she hated me then. I will never forget that look that woman gave me. I was scared then," alleged target, Celestea Figueroa says.

Celestea Figueroa says it's been an uncomfortable dynamic between her and Sharon Zurconett since the first time they met last year, when she started seeing Zurconett's ex. She says it was hard facing her in court.

"I started shaking," Figueroa says.

The investigation started last month when Chattanooga Police say a man called them claiming Zurconett approached him about arranging to murder Figueroa. Detectives had him set up a meeting with her to get more details.

According to the affidavit, it was in that meeting the man claims Zurconett said she wanted Figueroa to be "gotten rid of because she was having an affair with her old man."

"When they told me that somebody was trying to kill me, I was like what?" Figueroa says.

The price tag?

The affidavit states Zurconett "advised that she had $300 that she could pay...and if more was needed, it would take her a few weeks."

"Actually insulted," Figueroa says. "$300?"

Figueroa says she's trying to make light of it the best she can, but says she's been too afraid to even sleep.

"It's pretty much the worst experience I've ever had," Figueroa says. "She thought it out. It's something she's been thinking about and the motive has been there probably from day one, when she first looked at me that way."

She says she's heard rumors for months that Zurconett was making threats about her and decided to call her up and sort things out.

"I said, 'are you wanting to have me killed'," Figueroa recalls. "She said, 'well I thought about it'."

Figueroa told Judge Shattuck that in the last few days, a suspicious car has been driving by her house several times a day.

The judge told Zurconett if she did have someone driving by, trying to intimidate her, to tell them to stop.

The judge told Zurconett it's a "serious charge" and agreed to give her more time to find an attorney before a hearing.

Her hearing is now set for June 19.

Figueroa says she will definitely be there.

Zurconett was able to post the $10,000 bond.