CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Nearly two weeks after an EF-3 tornado devastated parts of Hamilton County, volunteers are shifting efforts from disaster assistance to rebuilding.

One of two distribution centers will close this weekend, but there is still a big need in the eastern part of the county.

And as you're about to learn, a little bit goes a long way.

"The house is at least still standing," says Nathan Henson.

With only window, door and roof damage, Nathan Henson says he's one of the lucky ones.

"We have some pretty phenomenal views around here now," he says. "It's just not how I wanted to get them."

An EF-3 tornado destroyed the majority of homes on Nathan's street.

He says random acts of kindness keep him going.

"People that I have no idea, who they are, they just drop by and say, ‘here's a case of water, or a bag of hot dogs'," Henson says.  "It really means a lot."

Most of those meals come from Greenwood Baptist Church.

Pastor Toby Brogden says the idea started with a group of church members working to clear roads and yards.

"We were going to take sack lunches to them and then we realized there's a whole lot of people out here that need to be fed," says Pastor Brogden.

Roofers like Mike Overall, who's working from daylight to dark, is just one of them.

"Everybody has a different story, you know, some people were home, some people weren't," Overall says. "When you think you've seen the worse one, then there is one down the road that's even worse."

But it's more than just sack lunches.

Sending toilet paper, cleaning supplies and canned goods, companies big and small have donated tractor-trailer loads of items to help storm victims.

This weekend, distribution centers will combine and the focus will shift from disaster response to rebuilding.

"Every little bit helps," says Overall.

Greenwood Baptist Church will remain open to storm victims who need supplies.

Crews will continue delivering meals to damaged neighborhoods.

Camp Joy, which has served as a second distribution center, will close Sunday.

If you'd like to help with a donation of items or time, click here to learn more.