Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) -- A downtown restaurant is closing its doors. It's been sold to another restaurant in a deal the owner says she couldn't refuse. After almost five years Table 2 Grill and Lounge downtown has closed for good. It wasn't a lack of business, or profit, rather a family decision, but still came as a shock to many regulars.

"It's very sad to see, anytime a local owned business goes out we hate to see that. Particularly those of us who live and work in the downtown area," said Table 2 regular John Buchan.

One by one regulars were stopped in their tracks outside their favorite local restaurant Table 2. Open since 2007, but as of Thursday closed for good.

Another regular, John McDougal said, "it's not like they don't have customers or the food is bad, at this point I'm surprised, there weren't any rumors, it just came up out of the blue."

Table 2 Owner Amanda Buchanan didn't plan it like this, but the offer she received also came out of the blue. The owner of Sekisui on Market Street made a great offer and Buchanan made a family decision.

Amanda said, "I've got three daughters there comes a point and time. And restaurants take a lot of time. It was a tough decision, when we announced to the staff I don't think there was anybody that didn't tear up, it was tough for all of us."

One server, a mother of a 4-year-old visited the restaurant today, fighting back tears she said it's tough to start over, but she will come to terms, "we never thought this would happen, but she is a business woman, she said it was a great deal that fell in her lap. I just wish we would have had a little more time."

Five of Amanda's servers have already been rehired, and she doesn't plan to turn her back on the rest while they search, "I've told all the servers and the kitchen help that I will help them in any way, we had a great staff here, I think they'll be snatched up quick. They have a reputation of their own," said Buchanan.

Because this was a rather abrupt closing, they have a lot of food left over. Amanda said they're donating all of it to the downtown Community Kitchen. They are refunding any outstanding gift certificates.

Sekisui is scheduled to move out of it's Market Street location, and move in by Mid-March. They're leasing the space, because Buchanan owns the building. No word if they're changing the name.