JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WRCB) -- Police officials in Hollywood, Alabama have seized nearly $20,000 worth of what they believe to be synthetic marijuana at a routine driver's license check point.

Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said that officers recovered approximately 1.5 pounds of a substance believed to be "spice", the street name for a version of synthetic marijuana.

The substance will be submitted to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for analysis after which a determination will be made as to whether any criminal charges will be pursued.    

According to federal drug enforcement statistics, synthetic marijuana sells for as much as $30 a gram, and has become dangerously popular. Some of the acute side effects of fake marijuana include trouble breathing, heart palpitations, panic attacks, hallucinations, vomiting, and seizures. There have also been two reported cases of suicide that have resulted from hallucinations.

In March of 2011, the DEA issued a statement that prohibited the production, possession, and sale of any of the five different chemicals that are used to produce fake marijuana.