(WRCB) - Groundhog Day wouldn't be complete without a forecast from a groundhog.

In Chattanooga, the chief prognosticator is the Tennessee Aquarium's Chattanooga Chuck.

This year, Chuck was so pleased to not see his own shadow that he composed a poem to mark the day.

Below is Chattanooga's Forecast for Spring in 2012:

Predicting weather is easy, or so it would seem.
If you have all of the tools and a great weather team.

So through the Aquarium buildings I wandered about,
stopping by the Cove Forest to see Brooke Trout.

Folklore says fish feed like crazy, acting slightly deranged,
whenever storms approach and the barometer's changed.

"I don't have time to chat, I'm sorry to say,"
Brooke said as she jumped and then swam away.

Could a change in the weather be the big reason,
Brooke wouldn't discuss the upcoming season?

Terry Treefrog was seen singing with a bunch of his friends.
That means wetter weather ahead - or so the folklore portends.

Hoping for sunshine, I sought an amphibian exemption.
It's Leap Year...so perhaps this chorus is a deception.

To get a weather leg up, I searched a little wider.
And quickly met up with my old pal the spider.

Harry Tarantula is part thermometer and an eight-legged anemometer.
He can sense air currents and humidity, just like a hygrometer.

He explained his forecast as he scurried away,
Folklore states, "More rain is coming when I crawl by day."

Larry Lobster seemed happy when I stopped by his tank.
Consulting crustaceans are helpful, if I can be frank.

He said, "The seawater is swell," as he raised up his claws,
"And if you don't believe me, why don't you go ask Jaws."

I knew he was kidding with his snappy remark,
so I moved along to check with Sandie the Shark.

She mentioned to me with a big, toothy smile,
"I wouldn't forecast snowflakes here for quite awhile."

I headed back to my stump with all this advice,
other friends were around to sort through it twice.

Helping me forecast in Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari,
are creatures like lizards, parrots and a green aracari.

Even with my Storm Team of Forecasting Friends,
I felt something missing right at the end.

I realized what was gone when I looked below.
My mirror image was absent - No shadow!

So with a couple of brief exceptions, it's more of the same thing,
Repeated rounds of wet weather and feeling like spring!