CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- With the help of a unique partnership with Baylor School, the Creative Discovery Museum is linking east with west, providing a connection to China.  It's an educational and entertaining way to bring two diverse cultures closer together.

Senior Baylor boarding students from China can't hide their child-like enthusiasm over the new exhibit, "Children of Hangzhou, Connecting with China."

Fletcher Liu said, "It kind of relates to my life.  It's exactly like China. All of this seems familiar to us."

It's a rare exhibit that appeals to all ages, especially anyone intrigued by one of the world's oldest civilizations. From its customs to its educational system, China is well represented in the exhibit.  Created by the Boston Children's Museum, the interactive displays follow four Chinese children through their daily lives.

CDM executive director Henry Schulson said, "We try to spark a child's interest, and make them think about China in a different way.  It means a lot for these Baylor students to testify to the exhibit's authenticity."

The Baylor students look at it as an opportunity to share stories from China, dispel myths, and discuss both the similarities and differences in the two cultures.

Shirlene Wang said, "Curiosity is the best teacher, and even in our classes, American students have so many questions.  At this exhibit, many of those questions are answered.  I'm glad Americans are willing and open to learn and to talk to Chinese people about our lives."

From the colorful clothing, to the sights and sounds, this will be as close as some Americans will ever get to China, and the Baylor students say it serves as a great introduction.

Brandy Cao said, "I think it is an objective view, and I'm glad people want to know our culture. I'm very proud of my country."

On Saturday February 11, the museum will host students from Hangzhou, conducting calligraphy lessons, and displaying Chinese refreshments and music.

More details from the Creative Discovery Museum:

East meets West in Creative Discovery Museum's newest exhibit, Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China. In this interactive exhibit, children will learn about one of the oldest civilizations—and now among the most modern—in the world through some of its young people.


In Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China, visitors will follow four children who live in Hangzhou, China through a whirlwind adventure. The exhibit presents the four children from Hangzhou at home, at school, in the library, in the theatre and in the countryside. The Hangzhou young people will introduce themselves through media and the activities of their daily lives. Visitors will discover that Chinese life today mixes ancient traditions with modern lifestyles and that life in China is both similar to and different from life in North America. The exhibit also exists to be a bridge to learning about China and serves as a building block to cross-cultural understanding. The Exhibit contains copies of original artwork that was created specifically for the exhibit to present a unique Chinese visual that delivers a feeling as if you are actually in China.


"We are delighted to be hosting Children of Hangzhou," said Henry Schulson, Executive Director of Creative Discovery Museum. "In today's world it is so important for children to have an understanding of other people's and cultures.    With China's expanding role on the world stage, more and more people are interested in learning about this nation and we are seeing Chinese language courses offered in a number of schools. This exhibit will provide a wonderful opportunity for children to explore this fascinating area in fun and hands-on ways." 


Children will experience different components of the exhibit and explore the following:

  • Bus Stop – Visitors will "enter" Hangzhou, China and "meet" the four children
  • Wu Lin Men Apartments – Visitors "meet" Weicheng and his family in their apartment and learn to cook a birthday meal for his grandmother
  • Yellow Dragon Theater – Visitors "meet" Wianyun, who is studying Chinese opera, and join in a performance of White Snake Lady or play traditional instruments
  • Bao Chu Ta Middle School – Visitors "meet" Gangzheng at school while learning about the great wall, and count on the abacus
  • Pavilion – Visitors learn about Chinese writing, poetry, and yin and yang, the traditional worldview of balance and dualities in nature
  • Hangzhou Children's Library – Visitor can check out the latest software and learn about China
  • Huang Tian Fan Village – Visitors will "meet" Duoduo, help her plant rice seedlings with her grandfather, and learn about two thirds of people in China live – on the land.


Throughout the exhibit, Creative Discovery Museum will welcome a host of Chinese performances, calligraphy lessons and an opportunity to sample tasty snacks. For a complete list of events, visit