SALE CREEK, TN (WRCB) -- At the Dodd and Associates Gun Range in Sale Creek customers fire round after round on a promotional DVD.

Channel 3 obtained the footage that was submitted as evidence in court.

Since 2008 the neighborhood has been fighting to have it removed after Ronnie Dodd was granted a special zoning permit for "low intensity" activity.

Some say the noise is just one their concerns.

Charles Morgan says, "It sound like a war zone out here, especially with the assault rifles."

"Oh the noise is just horrible," says Vickie Hargis.

She lives directly across the street from the range and is forced to stay at home as she suffers from migraines.

Hargis shows Channel 3 the nearly 300 hundred legal documents that have come with this case so far.

She says since 2008 the sounds of guns have been one headache that won't go away.

"It's just bang, bang, bang, bang all day. It's just so loud. I have to turn the TV up all the way just so I can hear it sometimes."

We went to the course Monday, but it wasn't open for business.

The "low intensity" under Hamilton County zoning laws covers golf driving ranges, "par 3" golf courses, miniature golf courses and riding stables.

It never mentions guns or live ammunitions.

Safety among neighbors is another concern.

Many animals are a short distance from the range.

Charles Morgan says he leaves when the tournaments begin.

The same goes for Hargis.

She won't let her 10-year-old grandson out the house once the bullet barrage starts in fear of a stray hitting her home.

Via email Dodd says he is the victim and his course has been hit by vandals repeatedly.

We talked with his lawyer, Ardie Stulce, who says they are still waiting to do an interview.

So far a judge had not made a ruling in this case.