DADE COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)  --  "In any law enforcement agency, we're definitely not going to tolerate it," Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon says.

Cannon just hired 22-year-old Frankie Smith a couple weeks ago to work in the jail.

Like many detention officers, Smith wanted to someday be a deputy. That ended Friday morning when the sheriff fired him.

Smith was still in training and had just learned the booking process. Little did he know, he would soon be one of the ones being booked.

"It does give us a black eye to law enforcement and to the detention centers, but we just have to look at this in a positive way and handle the situation," Cannon says.

According to the report, Smith's girlfriend told him she went to eat at Guthrie's with some friends. However, "those friends" ended up being another man.

"This is a sad situation of a young man and a young girl apparently had some kind of domestic situation and you know, he's made a mistake," says Cannon.

Smith reportedly pulled into Guthrie's parking lot Thursday evening and saw his girlfriend in a car with another man. He became so enraged, he pulled out a knife and threatened to cut the man's throat.

Smith's girlfriend didn't want to talk with Channel 3 about the ordeal.

"There's no difference here from a law enforcement officer and a detention officer or a common citizen," says Cannon.

Smith is charged with aggravated assault and simple battery, delaying his goal of becoming a deputy.

"Mr. Smith no longer works at the Dade County Sheriff's Office," Cannon says.