SODDY-DAISY, TN (WRCB) -- National Nuclear Science Week continued Thursday with a bang at Soddy-Daisy High School on. Not literally, but engineers from TVA's Sequoyah plant gave students a look into the future of clean energy. TVA believes it's important the younger generations stay in the know, because they are the future.

From water, to steam, to energy. It's that easy. Well, at least the concept is. Engineers from TVA spent Thursday at Soddy-Daisy High School not just breaking down that concept but dismissing the enigma often associated with nuclear power.

"A lot of people can be afraid of nuclear power and that stems from them not knowing, there aren't people out there teaching about it, talking about it in real terms," said TVA Engineer Gwen Reynolds.

There's an old saying "people fear what they don't understand." Sure the quote came years before nuclear energy, but that's the point. TVA believes nuclear science is the future, and it's time the younger generations start to understand what it is.

Soddy-Daisy science teacher Brian Gabor agrees, "there's so much in the news now for sources of energy for the future. It's a wide open field for the kids to consider, and what would be a wise choice for them to make."

Gabor says there's no telling what the future holds but he believes nuclear jobs will be involved. So he used Thursday as a chance to show his chemistry and physics students what they need to enter this field.

"This is a good time in their life to consider what science and math they need to take in high school to get ready for college," said Gabor.

Reynolds recalled her high school days, "it seemed like such a far off thing that was not possible, and as it turns out it's easy to be a part of."