LOS ANGELES (WRCB) -- Former University of Tennessee at Chattanooga star Terrell Owens raised some eyebrows last week when he signed a deal to be a player/part-owner of the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

This week the former NFL wideout is shedding light on why he had to settle for that offer.

In an interview with GQ, Owens opened up on being lonely, nearly broke and aching for a comeback.

According to the story, "I'm in Hell" is Owens' standard text message reply when people ask him where he is.

The former Moc has spent many nights alone in his Los Angeles apartment after recovering from knee surgery. He continued to workout and wait for an NFL offer that never came, though one executive told GQ that it wasn't Owens' knee, but his attitude that was too much of a risk.

Owens said being "too trusting" led to several bad investments that have squandered most of the $80 million he made in his pro career. On top of it all, he's in court battles with four women over child support payments for his four children.