(WRCB) – A man best known in East Tennessee for his dairy empire may soon be running for congress.

Wednesday, Scottie Mayfield announced he's considering a congressional run against United States Representative Chuck Fleischmann for the 3rd district seat.

"I'm focused on, ‘do I want to go to Washington and represent the 3rd District'," Mayfield explains. "It's a big responsibility."

And one that Scottie Mayfield is not jumping into.

"We had our first family and friends around the dinner table meeting this afternoon, because it's a big decision," he says.

Mayfield serves as president of Mayfield Dairy, based in Athens.

He has no previous experience in politics.

But a less demanding role at the dairy, a rich background in business and a newly drawn district map seems like the perfect recipe for a congressional run.

"I've been talking about it all my life, had friends calling me as soon as the district was changing, so I'm going to look at it seriously and make a decision hopefully in a couple weeks," Mayfield says.

Mayfield would run as a Republican, facing first-term incumbent Chuck Fleischmann along with Weston Wamp, son of former Representative Zach Wamp, and two others in the primary.

"It wasn't even about Chuck," he says. "It wasn't about anybody. It was just about, ‘oh my goodness, I could probably do this'."

Mayfield hopes to make an announcement in the next few weeks.

The deadline to qualify is April 5; the primary election date is set for August 2.

So far, two democrats, Bill Taylor and Mary Headrick, have announced their intentions to run in the 3rd district.