UPDATE: Both eaglets have emerged from their shells Monday in the well-watched Harrison Bay Eagle Cam.

PREVIOUS STORY: The bald eagle is an iconic symbol of The United States, but you rarely get a glimpse.  

The live webcam set up at Harrison Bay State Park where you can watch a pair of eagles as they nest.

The Bear Trace Golf Course superintendent worked for months to set up the camera so you could watch.

The nest is 75 feet up in a tree. It takes eagle eggs about 35 days to hatch. Two eggs will hatch soon, named HB9 and HB10. 

The nest has been here since December of 2010 and hatched several eggs nearly every year since. The same male and female eagles will mate for life. Park rangers have named the mom and dad "Elliot" and "Eloise."  

Volunteers maintain the state's only eagle camera in the wild. The camera is positioned in an area where it does not bother the eagles and they probably do not even notice it, according to park rangers.   

The first egg began to hatch on Friday and it can take up to three days for the process to complete. Enjoy the Eagle Cam this weekend!