CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) - There were some scary moments at the South Willow Street Family Dollar on the evening of November 25th. The business is off East 23rd at the base of Missionary Ridge. It was just after 9:00 on this particular Friday. Surveillance video shows the few remaining employees tidying up, but when you switch the view to the front of the store, you see the crime develop.

Bursting inside is a man in dark clothing. "We see the suspect come running in through the front door," said Chattanooga Police Officer Nathan Hartwig, "and he runs right up to the clerk, puts a gun in her face, demands all the money."

The video clearly shows, he points the barrel just inches from the cashiers' faces. They comply to his wishes. His crime will take only seconds, then he was back out the doors and into the night. The clerks are shaken, the money is gone and he has left little for investigators to go on. "He's got a hooded jacket on, got a mask over his face and it's hard to tell, get any good features off of him," Officer Hartwig explained. "We're just hoping someone knows something about this case, or may recognize some of the clothing he's wearing."

Your tip could be the key in getting this dangerous, gun-wielding thug off the streets, to return a sense of safety to the Family Dollar employees and to earn yourself some free cash in the process. Have another look. If you know something, but you are worried about your own personal safety, remain anonymous. "You don't have to leave your name, you don't have to leave your phone number," said Hartwig. "Even if you're talking to me, I still don't have to know who you are unless you decide to tell me."

Pick up the phone and call 698-3333. Up to a thousand dollars is waiting.